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Sunday, September 16

Could Mitt Be Another GOP Closet Case?

This little article in CNN caught my attention today:

Romney: My wife is 'prettier' than Bill Clinton

Commenting Saturday on a new Time Magazine cover story titled "The Real Running Mates" — which focuses on the current crop of presidential candidates' spouses — Republican candidate Mitt Romney said his wife would make a "prettier first lady" than former president Bill Clinton.

"It has a picture of five of the possible first ladies," the former Massachusetts governor said. "In the upper left hand corner it has my wife, and then next to it, it has Bill Clinton. And she is a much prettier first lady than Bill Clinton, I can tell you that!"

I should hope so!

Mitt Romney's blown hot and cold over the years, supporting gay rights as Governor of Massachusetts and now against gay rights as a Presidential candidate. This little offhand remark of his would make a great attack ad:

"Mitt Romney said in Iowa that his wife was prettier than Bill Clinton. Oh, so you think Bill Clinton's pretty, Mitt? Sounds pretty odd for such a macho moral exemplar as yourself, eh, Mittens?

"'Mittens' Romney. A Bad Choice for America."

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