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Monday, September 17

British Pop Star? No visa for you!

British performers are being forced to cancel American tours after being denied visas, often because United States officials do not consider them famous enough.

There was a long story in the WSJ about this on Saturday. Enough to make your head spin. The US wants acts to apply for their visas a year ahead of time, but booking agents in the US only book a few months in advance- it looks like booking agents will have to rethink their strategy. Another problem- today's hottest acts from Britain, may not even be all that hot in a year. But national security is more important than seeing your favorite Brit band, right?

From the Telegraph:
Despite having huge support in America, many British musicians are failing to qualify for the P-1 class visa traditionally given to acts who can prove they have been "internationally recognised" for a "sustained and substantial" amount of time.

However, performers now can become the hottest property on the music scene almost overnight without the large back catalogue and track record of fame normally used to secure a US work visa.

The Klaxons, formed in 2005, submitted magazine reviews as part of their application for US visas last year to play in New York. But officials delayed the application, forcing the Klaxons to cancel their tour.

Allen was due to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month in Las Vegas before embarking on a sold-out West Coast tour.

But her US visa was taken away last month.

"It's going to slow momentum," her manager, Neale Easterby, said. "We just want to get back out there."

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