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Monday, September 10

The bathroom scoop

I just got back from yet another clay weekend in NH. This time we had a man in our group. The poor thing. He is a NYC detective and an actor. He's on a bunch of tv shows that I don't watch. So I asked him a few questions about "detecting" homosexshul activity in the mens rooms of New York and indeed, there are men who solicit one another for nookie in public restrooms, even in NY, according to my source. These men are not all homosexuals. In fact, many of them are married men looking for some "fun." Man on man restroom activity is out of hand in some places, complaints are lodged and the undercover cops intervene. It's not like they wouldn't rather be out catching terr'rists, but some 'throoms are just not kid friendly in the big apple.

I asked about the toe tapping and was informed that they don't arrest guys for that as they look for more aggressive solicitations. But speaking of codes used in mens rooms, there are all sorts of codes and some even involve how one turns the faucets on the sinks. I forgot to ask if they arrest guys who do that, but I got the impression that just using a code doesn't end with an arrest. Sting operations are set up because bathroom orgies are a public nuisance in some areas and citizens do not appreciate walking in on these orgies. I would have to agree with that. Orgies should take place in private.

So I guess it was a good idea that we moms taught our sons to use the restroom quickly and get the hell out of there (after we stopped taking them into the ladies rooms with us).

Did you hear that Larry Craig wants to change his plea?

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