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Tuesday, September 4

The American Dream

Even though I was sort of born into it, I still have something to say because my grandparents were immigrants and I live among immigrants who work so hard to achieve parity with those already here that I am in awe of their drive and dedication to make a better life for their families and future generations.

The American Dream was there if you really really wanted it. You had to work hard and sacrifice and could pass it on to your kids. Sometimes the kids got too comfortable and didn't want to put in all the time and effort required keep it up or maybe they just didn't think it was worth all the time, trouble and possible ethics violations to "keep up with the Jones's."

Some children of immigrants, like Alberto Gonzales, wanted it so badly that he used this country's resources to learn how to screw people... and not the people you would expect him to screw over. In fact, his participation in government has made it worse for immigrants and those living on the fringes. He hooked up with the very worst kind of American in Texas.

When he stepped down in shame from his position as AG he said of the American Dream, "Even my worst days as attorney general have been better than my father's best days." What a way to put down the man who probably risked a lot to give his son better opportunities than he ever had. Perhaps Mr. Gonzales the elder had compassion and ethics which made it harder for him to move on up the way the greedy Alberto would have liked.

Alberto Gonzales sold out. He had the wrong American Dream. He kissed rich, white, male ass all the way to the top, if you want to call it that. They make movies and write great classic novels about this- selling your soul and screwing over the little guy to play with the "big boys." He was only "playing" with the big boys and he'll never be one of them. He watched out for their asses but they didn't watch out for his. He'll be remembered as being unscrupulous. How very sad.

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