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Sunday, August 5

You could just ask anyone.

I don't know why anyone needed to do a study on this.
Bad bosses get promoted, not punished?

"Despite their success in the office, spiteful supervisors can cause serious malaise for their subordinates, the study suggested, citing nightmares, insomnia, depression and exhaustion as symptoms of serving a brutal boss."

When I worked in a bank branch as Assistant Manager, the absolute worst, most incompetent teller, whom I thought should be "let go" because of his lousy attitude, rudeness towards customers, not to mention that he couldn't fucking count and he kept us there past 5 o'clock every day looking for his shortages, was suddenly transfered to the local head office and put in charge of all the branches in my county. He became a tyrant and a major ball buster by changing policies and increasing new account quotas. He took away the incentive- free trips. Instead we were threatened with being fired. The morale plummeted from branch to branch. He became a VP. I transfered to the city to be a bond trader. Same shit only the bosses were coke-heads to boot. Try to reason with that shit.

I can't say that bad bosses are mostly men or mostly women. They come in both sexes. The manager of my branch was the most evil vindictive woman. I was drinking Maalox right out of the bottle thanks to her and I was only 25.

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