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Friday, August 10

Where is our John Lennon?

Why anyone who is fighting for justice would want to make nice with the media is beyond me. The media is an arm of the very government who sold Americans the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and now Iran. The media ought to be trying to make nice with the bloggers who daily shred their credibility by connecting the dots. Just from what I had read about the Yearly Kos convention from the many bloggers who attended, especially from TeddySanFran at FDL, I felt glad that I didn't attend. I would have just gotten more pissed off. Being nice isn't going to revolutionize anything. Sorry. Rove, Cheney and Bush aren't nice. The media isn't nice. If you're going to be monitored by the FBI and the CIA, you might as well speak truth to power as loud as you can. I don't see passion for the cause today like there was in the early 1970's. Where are the radical intellectuals? Where are the Abbie Hoffmans? the Black Panthers? the John and Yoko's? Sure, they got bad press, but they scared the hell out of the Nixon administration and caused a complacent nation to wake up and take notice. You just can't expect people to embrace peace and love unless you are passionate about it.

I just happened to receive "The US vs John Lennon" from Netflix yesterday and it really got me thinking about the 1970's. The decade came in like a lion and went out like a wuss. Then the fascists came back.

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