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Thursday, August 30

We here's got "reefer blindness" in this country

There's new terr'rists in town. Them pot growers want to kill you. I just read Pot Growers Are New Target in "War on Terror" and gosh golly I am scared.

Let's take the War on Terra™ to Redding's Shasta-Trinity National Forest in California where the Office of National Drug Control Policy's (ONDCP) czar John Walters explains:
"We have kind of a reefer blindness... " "These people are armed; they're dangerous. [They're] violent criminal terrorists." He even went so far to argue that the "terrorists" growing weed in Shasta County, as the Redding Record Searchlight reported, "wouldn't hesitate to help other terrorists get into the country with the aim of causing mass casualties."
Yowzers. You mean that pot growers mean to cause us harm as a nation? Why yes. Well um, err... they are doing something illegal, you know- "fire violations, unsanitary conditions, littering, smoking, building unauthorized structures, unauthorized camping and cutting trees..." Gosh. They left out the part about Redding having a big meth problem. This war on pot appears to be more of a Mexican immigration thing. Well thanks to the Military Commissions Act we can declare whatever we want 'terrorist activity' and 'declare a war' on it.

I predicted this a few years ago- Pretty soon everything will be labeled "terr'rism" and real terrorism, if it happens again in Murka will have to be named something else... like HOLY F*CKING SHIT, GOD HELP US, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

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