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Friday, August 24

Was Mother Theresa Not Really A Saint?

Mother Theresa spent her life helping the poor because she was a good person... in fact she was extraordinary. Her diaries have been revealed and it turns out that she was even more extraordinary- she spent over 40 years in a crisis of faith. She doubted God.

From the Telegraph
Mother Teresa, who worked for years among the poor of Calcutta, wrote in 1958: "My smile is a great cloak that hides a multitude of pains."

Because she was "forever smiling", people thought "my faith, my hope and my love are overflowing and that my intimacy with God and union with his will fill my heart. If only they knew . . ."
She also wrote:
"The damned of Hell suffer eternal punishment because they experiment with the loss of God.

"In my own soul, I feel the terrible pain of this loss. I feel that God does not want me, that God is not God and that he does not really exist."
Her writings will be published next month as Il Segreto di Madre Teresa (Mother Teresa's Secret). Many "christianistas" will probably revel in this "damning" information because they hate her for not focusing on the "real" christian issues: abortion and homosexuals- even though almost every page of the new testament deals with taking care of the poor. (If anyone finds negative press about this revelation, do send it to me.)

I look forward to reading her diaries because they will reveal the window to the soul of a selfless person, regardless of whether she thought God existed or not. She was a typically tormented human being. How refreshing. Blind faith is getting on my nerves.

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