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Friday, August 10

Uncle Sam Really Really Really Wants You

JC pointed to an article I was just going to point to about the desperate military looking for cannon fodder. I don't know how they get anything done with the bush administration fighting them every step of the way.

But didn't Bush just admonish Congress for denying the pay raise for our troops in a bill that he was going to veto anyway?

Doesn't the Bush administration oppose GI Bill benefits?

Perhaps avoiding illegal wars might make military service more palatable for more qualified citizens?
Perhaps allowing homosexuals to serve would fill the ranks with highly qualified individuals? How many gay Arabic language experts were let go?
Perhaps if the war mongers got the sticks out of their asses, our military would be staffed with the best this country can offer. But what the hell do I know anyway?
One Iraq veteran from NY I was just chatting with the other day said that if it weren't for poor southern rednecks, we'd have no army. (His sentiment, not mine.)
But wasn't I just reading that street gangs were serving in the military?

Oh yeah, as a mom, I am going to encourage my 21 year old son to join the Army. Not.

Meanwhile, The Department of Homeland Security is developing a new weapon to fight the terrorists (and war critics?): a flashlight that makes a person throw up.

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