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Tuesday, August 7

Time for a moment of peace

Most Americans haven't seen what the atomic bombs did to the people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima 62 years ago this week. In fact, there was a huge cover-up. Our government didn't want us to actually see what really occurred and the effects on the survivors. There were many bomb tests to be done here and abroad... and if people knew the truth, they would object. The US seized Japanese footage, all photographs and evidence of the devastation. A Japanese film crew secretly hid a copy of the footage in a ceiling until the end of US occupation. Finally some footage was declassified.

Extremely graphic pictures and footage is being aired by HBO this week in a documentary by Steven Okasaki titled "White Light/Black Rain." If you don't have HBO, it is worth a look at the website. Perhaps many of those running for president ought to take a look at what bombs which were much less powerful than what we have today did to innocent people.

Sure Americans were dancing in the streets at the end of WWII. But at what cost was this peace? Is this what is in store for Iranians?

Also see Nuclear Age Peace Foundation at

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