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Tuesday, August 7

A Thrilling Tale of Survival Against All Odds

And in my very own garden. Imagine that.

I've always said that I have a Black Thumb - whatever I plant seems to die. I'm going to have to amend that statement. Exhibit A: The Plumeria you see in the above picture. This plucky little fellow started out as a cutting about eight inches long that I just stuck in the ground. Over the next few months it was baked by the Florida sun, received little water, got knocked around and even sideswiped by the trimmer.

So I relocated it to another part of the gardens I've set up around my home and started watering it (by this time, it looked like a piece of vegetarian beef jerky). I was told that it was a hopeless case; I just smirked and kept on watering it. Amazingly, it started to sprout leaves.

It's now about 3 feet high and in full bloom, as you can see.

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