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Wednesday, August 15

Thank God for

Who knew?

Internet fearing Christians who happily limit their world knowledge and understanding of themselves and others have an online sanctuary. GODTUBE. This American sanctimony is approved by God himself. Praise the Lord.

Mark Morford is worked up: Jesus Loves Your Crappy Videos. Forget You Tube
"From the Christian perspective, YouTube is, apparently, far too inclusive, far too tolerant and messy and scary and depraved and unpredictable and wonderfully, blindly all-encompassing -- and baby, if we've learned anything about God and America during this miserable pile of Bush years, it's that the God-fearing of this nation want nothing more than to instill and perpetuate a deep, abiding fear of the Other, to stigmatize, to restrict, to polarize to the point of total spiritual and intellectual paralysis."

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