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Wednesday, August 22

Something to do for democracy

Robert Greenwald's new short video shows how Fox News is beating the war drums much as it did leading up to the Iraq war. Fox intimidated other networks to do the same for the Iraq war. Visit to see this amazing propaganda.

Fox warns: You don't want another 9/11!
Fox News has the answer: Bomb Iran!

Tell the other news networks to not blindly follow Fox's lead this time around and to report fairly and accurately. There's a letter there.

Free speech doesn't include supposed news organizations spewing deliberate lies.

What really got me in the video was Joe LIEberman saying, "Al Qaida in Iran... these people are out to kill us."

Give me a freaking break. It is no wonder that I cannot have a rational discussion with Fox Noise viewers. I know some viewers. They make me want to rip my hair out.

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