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Sunday, August 5

The Republican Debates from Iowa

Even if you don't scan the videos, the descriptions were pretty interesting:
Video clips from ABC News.

Brownback-Romney Face Off
Romney Calls Brownback robo-call ad on abortion "desperate" and "negative."

McCain and Romney Defend War
Romney criticizes Obama for foreign policy position.

Tancredo: 'Unhealthy' Health Care
Rep. Tancredo is opposed to a government health care plan for America.

Paul on Iraq: 'Just Come Home'

Rep. Ron Paul calls for troop withdrawal, saying U.S. went into Iraq illegally.

Giuliani on Taxes and Bridge Disaster
Giuliani: "The way to do it is to reduce taxes and raise more money."

McCain Questions Cheney's Power
Sen. John McCain says "There's only one president."

Giuliani's 'Defining' Mistake
Republicans discuss defining moments in their lives and lessons learned.

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