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Friday, August 17

On the Giuliani Trail

Former mayor of NYC and presidential contender Rudy Giuliani took a lot of flack for stating that his experience after 9/11 was akin to that of the actual rescue workers who put in 12 hours days at Ground Zero for weeks or months on end. The NY Times reports today that he spent a grand total of 29 hours at Ground Zero from September 16th through December 27th, 2001. Wow.

I find it kind of ironic that Giuliani probably wouldn't win NY if he were to be the GOP nominee. But that's politics.

Lots of 9/11 rescue workers live on Long Island. Try to find some that would support his candidacy. Fat chance.

Furthermore, America's Mayor would appreciate it if people would leave his family out of his presidential campaign. A woman in the audience in Derry, NH brought up the fact that his children do not support his political aspirations.
"If a person is running for president, I would assume their children would be behind them." she said. "If they're not, you've got to wonder."
On health care, Giuliani thinks people should buy their own healthcare just like they buy any other insurance.
Giuliani wants to give families a $15,000 tax deduction to buy insurance privately rather than through employers, and he proposes that any money left from the credit be kept in tax-free health savings accounts.
Of course he is assuming that most people can afford to do that. Maybe his supporters can do that and expect to also invest in the private insurance companies as well.

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