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Sunday, August 19

On Dehumanization

by Pamela Troy at Democratic Underground

It’s become quite fashionable in certain circles to inveigh against well…you know…them.

I mean those hook-nosed, black-haired, filthy-rich, conniving nonChristians with the funny dietary laws who are conspiring against all that is right in just in our society.

Oh come on, you know…them! The swarthy types who want to take over the world, rape our blonde women, kill our children, and steal our stuff. Those others.

The Moslems.
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This is a very moving essay. It really got me thinking and wondering if I haven't become prejudiced against what some would call "my own." White, christian, westerners. Perhaps it's just a delayed reaction to the horrific hatred perpetrated by people who look like me towards those who are different. As I get older I am sometimes just brought to tears when I think about what "my people" did to others in the name of god or civility.

There are some very good quotes at the essay.

Hat tip to tali

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