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Monday, August 13

Oh Good Lord

If you are lucky enough to live in Oklahoma, you can spend $37 to show your support for your government's wars and get a GWOT license plate. At first I was a bit miffed at them having the WTC towers on their license plates because the WTC's not even on our freaking plates here in NY and an awful lot of troops from NY are fighting for my big fat ass in Iraq, but then I thought of something that an Iraq vet said to me just last week, "We need the south in the union or we wouldn't have a military and we need a military even if we weren't to engage in illegal wars." Hmm. It was probably a backhanded something or other insult/complement that I was in no position to agree or disagree with because I didn't go to boot camp, let alone war. But after seeing this license plate, I suppose that he probably had a point. It's a recruiting tool.

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