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Thursday, August 30

Leon Fisher asks WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Leon Fisher from Unknown News speaks for me:

No-one smiles any more. No-one wants to talk about things that matter. If you want to discuss anything other than sports, sex, or Dancing with the Stars, no-one seems interested.

What is happening? Is it something in the water, or is Invasion of the Body Snatchers actually happening for real?

I do not remember people being like this. They are hostile, impatient, full of suppressed anger, abrupt, suspicious, and some even threatening.

Not so many years ago, you couldn't walk down the street without running into your friends and neighbors wanting to talk about anything and everything, and have a good laugh. People, I remember, used to communicate -- now they just glare at you, or completely ignore you.

No-one wants to complain about anything. No-one seems to be bothered by high taxes or inflation. They just look at you and roll their eyes like you are crazy if you dare to express your dissatisfaction with the status quo. And God forbid, do not mention the wars, that topic really gets people uncomfortable. It is as if you are asking some personal question.

Have our fellow human beings, our friends and neighbors, become overwhelmed by the course of events these last six years, so they're burying their heads in the sand? Or have they become closet fascists, who privately support the dictatorship in Washington? Are they over-medicated with prescription drugs, or are they getting off on the horrors which the "Decider" and his handlers are inflicting on humanity?

Are these the same people whose answer to every problem, real or imagined, is "Bomb Them!? No wonder the Bush Cabal and the rubber stamp Congress have no problem disposing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I will not defend them. I will not try to enlighten them any more.

All these vegetables think about is their new shiny cars, the ridiculous clothing they buy, the garbage that passes as entertainment, and the anti-depressant drugs which helps them avoid reality. They do not want to admit to themselves that America is in trouble ... After all, that's not supposed to happen here, we are told.


I would call myself a "people person". I have been all my life - until recently. It seems all I want to do is shake people when I see them lately. I used to hug everyone I saw. It was a natural reflex, you know, like Baaabra herself says --People who need people are the luckiest people in the world...

I don't know, maybe I never grew up and it's just the child in me, wanting to hug and love all. It just doesn't seem the same anymore. I've noticed more and more people putting up that wall. You know when you see someone and both of your arms kinda go up at the same time? I don't get that "arms up" signal from too many people anymore. More often than not, I just get that "nod the head" greet as they quickly move by.

Even my daughter told me I scare a lot of her friends. I've commented to her that a few seem uncomfortable when they are over. She thinks that they are not used to friendly, touchy people (I'm always hugging them) and that weirds them out. As Leon Fisher says, it's like I am right in the middle of a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I am still killing everyone I know with kindness, but I really feel like running for cover instead.

Normally, I would be asking "what has happened to the world these past few years?"; but that's a stupid question.

We all know the answer.

BRAVO Bushies - you have certainly unleashed a mad mad mad mad world.

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