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Thursday, August 9

It's Not Just In America

Thinking of leaving America as a result of the Bushite Junta's War on Civil Liberties? Well, you may want to stay clear of Australia, under the regime of Bush's other BFF, Prime Minister John Howard:

Law allows coppers to do you over, judge-free

- snip -

On Wednesday the Senate [Australia's Upper House] passed a bill that provides for "delayed notification search warrants". These are warrants to empower the federal police and other agencies to covertly take a look around your home, download the contents of your computer and sniff the bedsheets, and not tell you for up to 18 months after the warrant has been executed, or never, ever, if [Attorney General] Philip Ruddock says so.

- snip -


So much for "Advance, Australia Fair." I'll have to check if New Zealand has the same Hell-bent set of hyenas and assholes running the place. Shit, an igloo in Antarctica's starting to look good right about now (cooler, too).

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