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Sunday, August 5

Hot fun in the summertime

In only 2 weeks, I have had amazing results. I am literally sweating my ass off doing moderate exercise. My good friend/neighbor and I have been waking up at the crack o'dawn to walk in the park across the street. We're usually out for about one and half hours slogging along, me sweating bullets because it has been so hot lately, with every joint in my body aching with every step I take. We never run out of junk to talk about either. Amazing.

BUT! Yesterday I noticed that I am getting my stomach muscles back ( I had a keg instead of a 6 pack) and my whole body doesn't hurt so much anymore. I have become unaware of my knees. My girlfriend also noticed that her feet don't hurt so much. We were smiling and beaming like teenagers. Today we woke up to a glorious morning where it was actually cool. I forgot what that felt like as the low temp has been around 79ยบ lately which is my favorite high temp of the day. Today however we both had some aches and pains again. We may have pushed it a bit yesterday. Oh well. Thank god for Alleve™.

I just read this story which may be of interest to some.
Fat-burning defect in liver may cause obesity

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