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Sunday, August 19

Guzzlers of Mad Dog 20-20 BEWARE!:

From the Chicago Tribune in an article entitled
"Wine before its time alarms Italy":

GROTTAFERRATA, Italy - "Patrizia Filippi has no degree in meteorology or any idea how to calculate what scientists call extreme weather change. But the 43-year-old grape picker has been working this area's silky, volcanic soil for nearly three decades, and she knows what she sees:

"This is an early harvest unlike anything that Italy, or any generation in her family, has experienced in memory.

"I'm a bit scared," Filippi said, pulling and snipping a thick, juicy bunch of white grapes from the vines of the Castel de Paolis estate. "I've never picked grapes this early in the season. We're used to picking grapes in October. That's when the grape festivals are. Even my father is saying: What the hell has gone wrong with the world?"

If I am unable to drive away the agony of living in a trashcan universe by sniffing the familiar sweet bouquet of Mad Dog, or Night Train, or Thunderbird, what'm I gonna do? PoLT begs the Blondes and readers for advice.

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