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Friday, August 24

God's Warriors

Did anyone watch the 3 Part Documentary- God's Warriors by Christiane Amanpour on CNN this week? There are videos from the series online if you have a good internet connection.
Here are links to segments of the series at YouTube.

Each episode: Jewish Warriors, Muslim Warriors and Christian Warriors confirmed what I always thought- If there is a God, he is fucking with his creatures and I hope he's enjoying it, the sadist.

Don't flame me, but I like Muslim women after seeing that episode. Otherwise I didn't like anything about Jewish, Christian and Muslim radicals. I still maintain that they are nut jobs and they are being led astray by greedy leaders who don't believe iota of the rubbish they preach. Mind you, Ms Amanpour did not suggest that was so in the documentary, but when you take it as a whole, it's quite obvious.

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