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Saturday, August 4

the democrats can bite me too.

Senate passes Bush-backed spy bill

Father Tyme writes (a better commentary on this than I could this early in the morning):

"The chickenshit Democrats voted to continue sucking Bush! Because they didn't want blamed if another "attack" happened in this cunt-ry by them bad guys (Cheney and friends) they passed his Hitlerian Spy Bill.

It says that the real terrorists in America are Americans who oppose Bush.
Tell your piece of Shit Representative in D.C. that if you wanted this kind of ass-kissing subservience, you'd have voted Republican.

And I'm sick and tired of hearing Kos and Atrios and Amato telling us to "be nice" when you write or call the chisckenshit Democrats because it works better to be nice! NOT! The Democrats that think we're being nasty are rationalizing for their own cowardice and capitulation.

At least we KNOW Bush is a prick. Now we know these vermin are just as bad as any Republican.

Let's start calling them (Democrats) what they are; the equivalent of Ronnie's assholes.

To me they are now and forever, Democrats for Bush!
Pricks, Bastards, assholes, dipshits, traitors....just like Republicans.

Looks like Rove got his ONE PARTY NATION, doesn't it? Tell your representative piece of shit that. See how they answer!!!"

But seriously Father Tyme, tell us how you really feel.
But seriously, I concur.

In other news about the subserviant bush flunkies that should all just go away and rot for all I care, Buzzflash writes:
The House Republicans Intimidate Dems Into Creating a Special Investigative Committee Into Some Idiotic Vote the Republicans Claim Was "Stolen." Meanwhile the Dems are Scared Sh*tless to Impeach Bush or Take Any Real Action Against Him For REAL Illegal Behavior. Bring on the Wimps.

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