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Thursday, August 23

Christian Response Team: Oh Brother

I thought it was nothing to be worried about but according to this story at Talk2Action, it is real. Clergy Response Teams are real and endorsed by the WH should something like Martial Law ever become reality. While most clergy are sincere in helping their country in time of a disaster, there are groups with ulterior motives.

The particular group in question is Christ in Action, which uses quotes from St Paul rather than Jesus to justify its motives to work side by side with the government, thinking that god actually blesses even the most corrupt government. The leadership of Christ in Action is confirmed on the WH website when discussing non-governmental organizations who will act when a disaster hits America:
Dr. Denny Nissley, the Director of Christ in Action, is organizing a Coalition of Faith-Based First Responders from around the Nation to be prepared for the next major disaster. This Coalition will perform disaster relief training for volunteers and will maintain a current roster of thousands of volunteers who can be quickly called upon to provide support during the next major disaster.
The terrifying part is that Dr Nissley is an extremist, partisan, right wing character with a radical agenda. But you already figured that out.

From the story at Talk2Action:
Through its endorsement of Nissley's "Christ In Action" coalition, the federal government would seem to be deputizing a partisan religious faction shaped and led by man who some would characterize as being out on, or close to, the political fringe. The plan could, in essence, subject traumatized, post-disaster populations, perhaps confined by martial law to their homes, to semiofficial proselytizing efforts by partisan Christian fundamentalists embedded within, or working closely with, national guard or US military forces.
I don't think that radical christianistas would be able to pacify me during a time of national crisis. I am glad that they weren't hanging around in NY after 9/11 when it became quite apparent that it was religion and foreign policy that started this whole mess.

There are some good posts by Jersey Cynic on the front page of the blog right now with very interesting discussions in the comments. The christianistas are a threat to democracy in this country whether anyone likes it or not.

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