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Saturday, August 25

Anti-abortion = Anti-sex

Oh I've been so naive. I would write pieces about how we can lower the abortion rate in this country in order to shut the fuck up those so called "pro-life" but pro-war people. I had simply thought that they were obsessed with dead babies. I thought, well duh, let's trump up sex education and create a more nurturing environment so that more women could afford to bring a child into the world- you know, stupid socialist stuff like education, prenatal care, post natal care, healthcare for babies whose parents don't have coverage. Free condoms for horny people. You know, silly stuff like that.

Trolls would arrive here to blast me about the evils of birth control. I would feel like I was reading some sort of crazy sermon written in the 19th century by a hateful and ignorant preacher man. I never heard such craziness from Catholics. And the most interesting part of the troll storms here regarding a woman's control of her own body were always written by men. But their opinions turned out to be the norm for the rabid anti-abortion crowd. It really isn't about being anti-abortion at all. It's against S-E-X. Dirty filthy sex to which the only punishment for such a heinous sin is having to get pregnant, give birth and raise a child. They have turned a loving act into a punishment.

The anti-abortion crowd is out to redefine the beginning of life all the way back to the conception- to that unknown moment when the sperm meets the egg. They incorrectly state that a birth control pill prevents a fertilized egg from reaching the uterus. This would make using birth control, even between loving spouses, akin to an abortion.

Teh GOP presidential candidates are going right along with this nonsense. I don't know if they are just pandering to these groups and most presidential candidates do when they need votes, but it's still pretty alarming.

From The quiet campaign against birth control by Cristina Page in the Baltimore Sun:
Mitt Romney speaking in code "implied an opposition to the birth control pill and a willingness to join in their efforts to scale back access to contraception."

Sen. Sam Brownback... beefed up his anti-contraception resume by co-sponsoring a bill to de-fund the nation's largest contraception provider, Planned Parenthood, by excluding it from Title X family planning for the poor.

Sen. John McCain's campaign officials boast he has "consistently voted against taxpayer-funded contraception. And Mr. McCain reports that his adviser on sexual-health matters is Sen. Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma, who leads campaigns claiming condoms are unsafe and opposing emergency contraception.

According to Mr. Tancredo, a Colorado Republican, emergency contraception "cheapens human life and simply uses a woman's body to dispose of the child instead of a doctor."
You won't find these candidates speaking to mainstream voters and media about their stands against contraception though. They speak in code. Theirs is a pretty unpopular view and would alienate women voters. American citizens deserve to know for a fact if presidential candidates would move towards banning birth control.

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