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Monday, July 30

The WH Must Be Very Intimidated- sinks lower

This blog has been covering the plight of 9/11 rescue workers (and even the dogs) since the get go. It's been a bleak story and every positive baby step has been taken away by the powers that be.

In the movie, Sicko, Michael Moore takes sick 9/11 rescue workers to "Club Gitmo" in Cuba to get them 'free health care' like al Qaida gets. Through his loud speaker he told the guards there that he wanted, “The same kind Al Qaeda is getting!” Speaking truth to power is the hallmark of great journalism. It is what saved America from fascist takeovers in the past even when the Hearst Corporation was part of the problem.

It's no surprise that the bushistas have issued a subpoena to Michael Moore for traveling to Cuba. Power denying truth has been a hallmark with the bush administration. First he was issued a summons by the treasury department to furnish them with reasons that he went there. Obviously his travel there was for journalism, but no, the administration would rather harass him.

Think Progress notes that the WH has mocked Michael Moore. This sort of bullying is completely beneath the highest office in the country. Had any other administration acted in this way, heads would fly.

Noting that many celebrities visit Cuba with no repercussions, Moore noted, “I didn’t go there like Cameron Diaz to get a tan. … I was there to help them.” In a briefing yesterday, White House spokesman Dana Perino responded to Moore’s tan comment by mocking his appearance: “That’s probably a visual we don’t need.”
Excuse me, but this flippant attitude by the WH spokesperson is uncalled for and unprofessional. It's perfectly understandable that the WH fears journalists like Michael Moore, especially since all their denials of F911 have been proven to be futile as the truth won out. But this is not a playground and Dana Perino is as amateur as they come. Shame shame.

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