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Monday, July 16

War with the wrong country

We've known this all along- Most of the insurgents in Iraq are Saudi's. It's Saudi's who are targeting and killing our troops. It's Saudi's who are targeting the Shia government in Iraq and Iraqi civilians- creating terror in Iraq.

Does anyone in the Senate issue a threat to Saudi Arabia?

Nope. They are our friends. So what if the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi's?
I believe that al Qaida is mostly hiding out on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, are they not? What are we doing in Iraq? And can we leave Iran alone for a second?

The Senate voted 97-0 to censure Iran for the attacks against our troops during wartime claiming they were acts of war. It is a war isn't it? We started it. Yes, Iran may be responsible for many deaths, but so is fucking saudi arabia and much more so. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This administration talks out of both sides of its asshole.

Question of the day:
Does Joe Lieberman represent the US or Israel?

Bush sides with Cheney and puts war with Iran on the table. Rice favors diplomacy. That is too girly-girl. Money talks. Wake up America.

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