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Thursday, July 19

The US Threatens Pakistan Too

It's too late to say that cheney shouldn't have ordered bush to send our troops to Iraq when the real terrorists were in Afghanistan. The real terrorists are supposedly occupying tribal areas on Pakistan's border. Bush wants Musharraf to do something about it. This article explains the difficulty in forming a strategy by the Pakistani government to handle the situation. Unlike the Bushistas and their culture of "life", President Musharraf military wants to avoid a civilian bloodbath and military carnage.

Speaking of Pakistan, Pakistan criticizes U.S. terror warning
The US hasn't provided the Pakistan government any actionable intelligence concerning the regrouping and training of al Qaeda.
"We would firmly act to eliminate any Al-Qaida hideout on the basis of specific intelligence or information," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"It does not help simply to make assertions about the presence or regeneration of Al-Qaida in bordering areas of Pakistan. What is needed is concrete and actionable information and intelligence sharing," it said.

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