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Thursday, July 12

Today will go down in infamy: The Hindu Threat

I'm not sure why the Senate needs to open their sessions with prayers but today marks the first time in our illustrious monotheistic American history that a Hindu prayer will be read at the opening of the US Senate.

When oh when will the shit hit the fan, you ask?

Why it's happening as we speak.

A spokesman for the American Family Association says it represents an official stamp by the government on paganism, a move which may draw God's anger according to biblical example.

Buddy Smith is a spokesman for American Family Association, which opposes the non-Christian prayer and urges citizens to call their Washington legislators to take action.

"It is a watershed day in that it brings to mind some of these precedent-setting events like the day that we took prayer and Bible-reading out of school in our country [and] the day that we legalized abortion," Smith offers. "I fear that while God has been so merciful with our country in the past, events such as are about to happen, like this in the U.S. Senate, is angering a just God. I fear that we bring judgment upon our country with such acts."
The mean, nasty, vengeful, woman hating, fag hating, war mongering, spiteful, heavenly being and creator will smite those he created in his image. Why didn't God smite the pagans and scientists off the whole earth by now? It would save us a whole lot of aggravation.

You know how when you built a sand castle or toy out of blocks and then you'd get fed up with it or it didn't turn out right, you'd just stomp on it? When you were writing a paper and it just wasn't working, you'd tear it up or delete it from your hard drive? You didn't torture it or exact revenge on it. You just started over again.

Why doesn't God just delete the human race and try again? Maybe he shouldn't make us in his image the next time, you know? Maybe he ought to try to improve us and then make himself in our image?

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