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Thursday, July 26

Nuclear Terrorism - More Info

I received this email today. I thought someone might be interested in the information contained therein. It is much faster than reading the entire Allison book although I still recommend this.

Dear Candy,

I saw your recent post, “Nuclear terrorism.” While we agree with everything in the first half of Allison’s book, we don’t think the measures he outline to prevent this from happening go far enough—they are necessary but not sufficient to prevent nuclear terrorism. We just wrote a paper you might find interesting.

“Intelligence, Border Security, and Forensics Will Fail: Secure DC, NYC, and Other Cities from Nuclear Attacks with Highly Enriched Uranium” (Full report) (4-page essay)

Here’s a blog posting on the paper that gets to the punch-line



p.s. A previous paper we wrote on nuclear detection was published as Devabhaktuni Srikrishna, A. Narasimha Chari and Thomas Tisch, “DETERRENCE OF NUCLEAR TERRORISM WITH MOBILE RADIATION DETECTORS” (Nonproliferation Review, Vol. 12, No 3, November 2005, pages 573-614)

I have read the four page essay and the post by the armchair generalist. You may find them illuminating as well. The longer report will have to wait until I have more time.

And thank you very much Sri.

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