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Wednesday, July 11

A Message From God via Blondesense

"Michael Chertoff mistook a "gut feeling" for a message from Me. Had he correctly ascertained that his feeling was indeed Me warning him that al Qaida was just as strong now as it was in the summer of 2001, more people wouldn't have laughingly questioned his gastric impulses and would take this threat seriously. Even the WH poo-pooed this gastric theory.

As a GOP'er (God's Own Party) who is familiar with the jargon, Mr. Chertoff should have known that the correct interpretation for a feeling is to say that I, God myself, spoke to him. (Messages from Me do not only come when you are caught committing adultery.) Historically, I set up nations to do battle with one another. What you've eaten the night before, is something I've no time to interfere with. You simply cannot get a country to get caught up in fear and reprisal over repercussions from a bad taco.

For My sake, Mr. Chertoff, get with the program."

end of heavenly transmission

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