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Tuesday, July 10

Local Legislator Criminalizes Responsible Parents

And to think I would have voted for this knucklehead who was running for congress against Peter King, if I lived in that district. I even campaigned for him. Legis. David Mejias (D-North Massapequa) is doing worse damage in being a local legislator- whom I didn't vote for. How do these legislators in NYS get their jobs anyway? They're a bunch of Nazi's.

Newsday: "Adults who allow underage drinkers to consume alcohol in their homes would for the first time be held criminally responsible under a "social host" bill passed unanimously Monday by the Nassau County Legislature..."

BTW, it doesn't matter if the kids don't drive afterwards or if they just have a glass of wine with dinner. The parents can be charged with a crime. Religious observances are not included. Of course.

This bill is supposed to cut down on underage drinking. Forgive me if I don't buy this crap. I am a responsible parent and considerate citizen- those like myself who would allow a younger person to have a cocktail or two under my supervision (rather than drinking a bottle of swill at the beach and passing out abandoned by friends and choking on puke and dying) will be criminals. Way to go! There's less of a penalty for hosting a pot party in Nassau than for smoking in public or drinking in private. Hmm.


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