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Wednesday, July 11

Just What We Needed:

Another "JBBTB" is shooting off his mouth, thereby creating discord among the Judeo-Christian world. What? There's not enough conflict between the religions of the world now?
"You are not real churches, Pope says to Protestants"
That's the Sydney Morning Herald's headline which begins:
"PROTESTANT churches have reacted with dismay to a new declaration approved by the Pope insisting they were mere "ecclesial communities" and their ministers in effect phonies with no right to give communion."

Joe, sweetie, YOU are the fake; you are the fraud; and you are the phony. Hate-consumed, soulless beings such as you are very high on my list when it comes to considering who it is among us that might best fulfill the description of the "Anti-Christ".

(Oh. JBBTB? That stands for jizum-blasted bung-tongue boy.)

(Aside to Liz: Is there a process whereby people can UNbaptize themselves?)

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