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Wednesday, July 25

If it was up to me, his title would be "Flunker's Helpy".

A lotta folks been saying for better than six years now that boygeorge is not the "real" president of the United States, that it's Darth that's really been calling all the shots. So what does that make boygeorge? Well, you better check out the Dark Wraith's latest, either at his Forums Site or at The Big Brass Blog.

Any of youse out there live in cities that have both a city manager and a mayor? That's one of the examples to which he equates our current administration. Or...well, the title of his blog is "Prime Minister of the United States of America". Prime? Not where I come from. Back in my steel mill days we had several classifications for finished steel: Prime, Excess, Reject, Secondary, and Waste-Waste. And that memory might give me an idea for a future blog which would begin, "The Waste-Waste Minister of the United States is a wasted waste".

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