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Wednesday, July 25

Hey. Whose side are we on anyway?

I would bet you that if Osama bin Laden had a colonoscopy, that's where they would find Bush's head (since the only head found up bush's ass was Gonzales'.)

The president seems almost pleased that al Qaida is in Iraq and used that to criticize his war critics yesterday. He assured Americans in a speech that the al Qaida in Iraq is allegiant to bin Laden who attacked us on 9/11... so our troops have to stay in Iraq and fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here*.

Bush left out the part that his war on Iraq lured al Qaida into Iraq. Maybe that was part of his plan which he neglected to mention in public? He also left out the part that al Qaida in Iraq are not the principal killers of our troops in Iraq as John Kerry was quick to point out. In fact only 3-5% of insurgents in Iraq are al Qaida. He left out the part that bin Laden and the brains of al Qaida are in fucking Pakistan (if he ever bothered to read US intelligence reports.)

* It seems that we may have to "fight them over here" if all the latest scare tactics are true. And if they are not true and the bushistas made this up, then they are actually admitting that they absolutely suck as warriors because I get it.

It's just been made public that the TSA is on the lookout for terrorist dry runs this summer.
"Security officers were urged to keep an eye out for "ordinary items that look like improvised explosive device components."
Airport bigwigs say not to be scared because these memos go out all the time. It still begs the question- if we are attacked over here, then our fighting over there isn't doing much good is it?

To add insult to injury, from the AP:
"A top U.S. military commander said Tuesday he believes there are al-Qaida cells in the United States — or people working to create them — and the military needs to triple its response teams to counter a growing threat of attack."

So what's the deal here? Al Qaida is stronger than ever? How scared should I be? They weren't in Iraq when we started the invasion and occupation of Iraq. We had a great big coalition looking for al Qaida in Afghanistan. What happened to that? Since the US focused attention on Iraq, did they move over to Iraq because they weren't getting enough attention from the US elsewhere? Did al Qaida not enjoy fighting the UN peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan?

Did Bush recently radio bin Laden from up his ass to send terrorists to Iraq in order to give Bush a reason to keep troops in Iraq since US oil companies haven't seized and privatized Iraqi oil just yet?

As far as I am concerned the US "won" the war in Iraq long ago and our troops should get some R&R.
• Saddam was captured and he is dead.
• There are no WMD's in Iraq, nor will they be making any in the near future.
• The US destroyed their infrastructure, military and any social programs that were beneficial to the Iraqi people.
• The US reduced Baghdad to near rubble and the country's most promising citizens are either dead or have fled the country.
• A puppet government has been installed and "democratic" elections have been held.
• There is a civil war going on and left to their own devices will cripple the country even more.
• The US is despised around the world.
If that isn't victory, then what is? We sure showed them

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