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Wednesday, July 18

A Digression

This has absolutely nothing to do with politics so if you are an addict you might want to skip this post. We saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this evening. I think most people who have not read the book will be happy with this film. I, on the other hand, am not. This will be my least favorite and it is an excellent film. The book is 900 pages and would need at least six hours to tell the whole story. Obviously that is impossible. They left out all my favorite parts so I am not delighted. But if you are a Potter fan you should not miss it.

The ultimate Potter book arrives in my mailbox on Saturday. I will be incommunicado until I finish it as I don't want to know the ending before I read it. With the internet that is an iffy possibility. Last time someone spoiled the ending. Now, if Harry dies I will have to fly to England and throttle J. K. Rowling.

Unlike some of you, I need a break from the constant outrage sometimes. Harry Potter is a blessing in a dark age.

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