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Sunday, July 29

The continuing story of "Whose Side Are We On Anyway?"

In this week's episode, the bushistas will supply billions of dollars of fabulously advanced weapons to their old pals, the Saudis, not to mention other nations including Israel. I think this means that Israel and the Saudis are on the same side now. Oh wait, then that would mean that Iraq and Iran are on the same side as each other but on the other side... but Iraq is supposed to be on our side. Oh dear. Oh wait. Bush will increase military aid to Israel so that they won't feel bad about all the big guns that are also going to the Saudis.

The bigger question is: Who would Jesus bomb?

While we're speaking about whose side we're on, the story that won't go away is still on the fire: How come the US evacuated al Qaida fighters and hard-core Taliban fighters to Pakistan in November 2001 when we were supposed to be "smoking them out" and killing them for the crimes of 9/11? And now the US talks about invading yet another sovereign nation- Pakistan, for harboring terrorists when Rumsfeld actually ordered them there?

I d0n't know about you, but connecting all the dots since 2000 is painting a godawful scary picture.The guys who drive the subways in NY undergo more rigorous mental scrutiny than our very own imperialist Chimperor.

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