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Monday, July 23

Beware of "Jesus coming in glory on a cloud."

Joe Lieberman's allegiance is to Israel, not the US or the people of Connecticut (unless they watch Fox News and buy all the crappola that Iran is an imminent threat to the world. Lieberman has gotten himself caught up with Christian radicals whom he thinks are on his side. He couldn't be more mistaken- they'd like to see him in hell. The sooner the better.

You must have been reading about the Christian Zionists (Christians United for Israel) who back Lieberman and his ilk, men who are itching to nuke Iran. This is not a marriage made in heaven. They are hell bent on getting Armageddon under way, no matter how much they insist that they are not. This final battle will not bode well for Jews if the Christian Zionists have their way. They are just as driven as Islamic extremists but they use their political clout to get their way and oh baby, do they have ever have political clout.

"they smile in your face, but all the time they want to take your place, the back stabbers"

Being that I have studied theology and a great deal of religion including quite a bit on the coming of Christ in the clouds end time scenarios (eschatology) on the graduate school level, I like to warn my hawkish Jewish pals not to trust the so called "Christian" agenda for it will spell death and doom to Israel, not to mention most of the planet. I figured this out in grad school. While the so called "Christians United for Israel" cheer for the hawkish policies of the radical far right, "pro-Israel" crowd, Jesus' coming in the clouds is just a metaphor for a final nuclear bomb aimed at their beloved Israel. The christian radical right which "supports" Israel are Koolaid-drinking, toe-tagged, death wishers- suicide bombers by proxy. These radicals should be feared by all good people of the world no matter what religious or non religious persuasion.

Therefore, I beg you to please read this well put together article on the subject by Sarah Posner, Theocrats Deny ‘End Times’ Theology Is Cause of Their Push for War with Iran
It's not too long and it gets to some of the core of their true agenda. This is stuff we should all be aware of. It ends with this scary quote by Joe "I'm rewriting history as we speak" Lieberman to the Christians United for Israel Summit:
"America is a faith-based initiative. We are not endowed by the great thinkers of the Enlightenment but endowed by our Creator ... Anyone who tries to separate American government from faith, is doing something profoundly unnatural."

another view on Israel-Palestine: Israel’s Primal Myth: A Barrier to Peace
Oddjob sends a link to a "Worthwhile "paleocon" analysis of Iraq debacle and what might be done about it now": How to Win in Iraq. Makes some pretty good points.

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