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Thursday, July 12

Back to the Basics

Despite my nausea, I listened patiently to the Presidential Press Conference.
Among the questions addressed to him was how can he ignore the majority of the american people about the Iraq debacle.
His answer summarized the usual excuse that he is the "Commander in Chief" and he cannot define a military mission by polls, or politics. We all heard that before.

The question is, how does he ignore the US Congress? Who gives him the right to ignore the Congress?
The last I checked this country is a democracy, precisely a representative democracy. We hire our President and Commander in Chief by elections, but we also send our Representatives' every two years (by elections) to reflect our will to the Commander in Chief.
What pisses me off is the Representatives contempt of the people, together with the President's contempt of the will of the People.

We should keep reminding them, why are they there.

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