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Tuesday, July 17

Are you ready for a terrorist attack?

Just how much are we screwing up our children?

From Lew Rockwell's blog:
Live on Faux News: The Terrists are Coming!
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo at 06:13 AM July 17, 2007

Faux News gets goofier and goofier every day in its ham-handed, desperate attempts to make excuses for the Dunce-in-Chief. This morning the network's smirking sissies and barking bimbos proclaimed that, according to some undefined "government report," terrists may be sneaking into the U.S. Along with this scary announcement was film of two guys crawling through a sewer pipe. But have no fear, Dubya-Dog here! (With his own version of "Polly Purebread," Condoleeza Rice. Don't forget to catch the new "Underdog" flick next month).

Then, as if that weren't enough to scare the pants right off Paris Hilton, one of the barking bimbos explains why the war on terra has failed: There may be spies in the CIA! That's right, enemy spies spying on the CIA from within the CIA. So thaaaaaaaaat explains it.
Now watch this commercial from the DHS. Tell your family what to do in case of a terrorist attack (thanks Father Tyme for the tip):

Mitt Romney's new commercial vowing to put an end to pornography, violence and sex (hat tip Sully via oddjob).

Contrast and compare.

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