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Sunday, July 15

...and our soldiers in Iraq died for _ _ _.

Fill in the blank: OIL
There was a subliminal message in the original mission for Iraq;

Operation Iraq Liberation.
When they realized the message was blatantly in the initials, they quickly changed it to Operation Iraq Freedom.
In may 2001 Dick Cheney had a meeting with major business leaders (read, Exxon, Chevron, Texaco etc) at the Enterprise Institute, with an outline map of Iraq, carved up with dotted lines, just as you see the cow in a meat factory, delineating with dotted lines the prime rib, from porterhouse, or shell steak. This happened way before 9/11.

It is no secret to us, amateur pundits, that we're there for Cheney's oil.

You hear a lot of talking about Iraq and the failure of the Iraqi Government to make progress on benchmarks, from the Big Media; so the blaming game is on the Iraqis.

What they fail to tell you is why aren't they making progress on any of those benchmarks. Everything comes down to OIL; the only resource Iraq has.

The Bush-Cheney Government pushes the Iraqis to privatize the oil industry in Iraq (can you hear, Exxon, Chevron, Texaco and Halliburton???)

All negotiations depend on Oil. There will be no reconciliation, disbanding militias, reform the Constitution, restore the ba'athists, oil revenue laws until the Americans leave. The Iraqis are waiting for us to leave, then they'll fix their affairs.

Nouri-al-Maliki said today that the americans can leave tomorrow as far as he is concerned. They can take care of their own security.

I thought we're there at the request of the sovereign State of Iraq.

If you want a clear picture of the Iraq situation, watch CNN correspondent Michael Ware from Baghdad.

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