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Friday, July 20

Ah hell, I just HAD to post the whole thing, comments and all.

It's from the Big Brass Blog:

BREAKING NEWS: President Bush to Temporarily Transfer Power to Vice President Cheney
by: Dark Wraith
Updated 7/20/07 at 1:55 p.m. Sources indicate that President George W. Bush is scheduled for a Saturday colonoscopy and will, because of the heavy sedation typically used on patients during the procedure, temporarily transfer presidential power, for perhaps 2½ hours or so, to Vice President Richard V. Cheney.


There is a serious possibility that even the most experienced physician will not be able to determine conclusively which end is which.
by: LanceThruster (contact) - 20 Jul '07 - 12:50

Is that the same type of operation that we here in the Midwest refer to as a "solidified semen search"?
by: Peter of Lone Tree (contact) - 20 Jul '07 - 12:52

Too many thoughts: not enough time!
by: Father Tyme (contact) - 20 Jul '07 - 13:05

i want to see waxman (d-california) go to work with the scope.
(sometimes the jokes just write themselves)
by: Minstrel Boy (contact) - 20 Jul '07 - 13:07

"Quick, nurse, the antiseptic. I think I've found his brain."
"Doctor, what are all these little Republican Conress critters doing up there?"
"Let's see...the card we found up there says 1-A. I wonder what that means?"
"Look! It's Brownie! You've done heck of a job!"
"Is that part of a frog's ass?"
"Doctor, the prophylactic you recovered from his colon has 'Property of the Vice President' on it."
"Wait, a little...Damien!"
I'm killing myself!
by: Father Tyme (contact) - 20 Jul '07 - 13:14

"Is that Condi's lipstick shade?"
Ok , I'm done.
by: Father Tyme (contact) - 20 Jul '07 - 13:15

One more:
"No nurse. That's Lieberman's!"
by: Father Tyme (contact) - 20 Jul '07 - 13:16

The Dark Wraith is supposed to have a license to run a comedy club in this town.

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