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Wednesday, June 20

Today's News

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is no longer a Republican. There is speculation that he may run for president. Maybe he is just fed up.

NYC's poor will get paid in cash for making good decisions. Interesting premise.

NY's state assembly approves gay marriage bill. Opponents say it will lead to more immoral bills. oy. I'm still waiting for a health care bill.

Say it isn't so. NH bans smoking in bars and restaurants.

When are we going to ban war profiteering? That's not healthy either.

Most Americans (7 in 10) believe the economy is getting worse according to a Gallop poll. If you ask rich people, they believe that it's fantastic. Talk about a great divide. Most Americans are pessimistic about the job market and face financial problems due to health care costs, low wages, high oil and gas prices.

The president will veto the stem cell bill today. On moral grounds. ha.

I just loved the Hillary and Bill clip that spoofs the Sopranos. A guest appearance by Johny Sack takes the cake.

Now they do it. Pentagon sends archaeological playing cards to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan. I wonder if there is anything left?

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