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Monday, June 25

Sucking It Up

It boggles the mind to think what productive things could be done with tax dollars if they weren't being squandered on wars for oil and abstinence programs. Now we have the Supreme Court insisting that we have no right to challenge the way our money is spent. Not that most people seem to care. After reading Michelle Goldberg's Kingdom Coming I am painfully aware of the many religious purposes to which our tax dollars go. But apparently I should not complain about it.

Speaking of our tax dollars do we know how many of them pay for Cheney and his staff. John Dean has a very good idea. Let's just stop funding them. I say we go for it. Impeachment does not seem to be going anywhere.

Finally, something I can't even begin to understand are the results of this poll. The number of Americans who believe Saddam was behind 9/11 has now gone up! How can it be possible that our fellow citizens are becoming even more uninformed?

Update: Looks like someone is taking up Dean's idea. What are the odds it will not pass?

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