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Friday, June 29

So here's the deal

If the terrorists don't get you, god certainly will try.

The students who graduated from terrorist suicide camp 20 days ago have already gotten jobs. See Red State's post below. Should we freak out? Nah. Leave it to the "authorities" to freak out. You still have a better chance of being struck by lightning or a tree falling on you than being killed in a terrorist attack. Trees and lightning don't always kill you either.

Speaking of lighting and trees. In my tiny little corner of this neck of the woods on Long Island last evening, something freaky happened. We haven't had weather in my area like this in over 20 years. We were having day 2 of wicked thunder storms and these were more intense than even the night before. At one point, my family and I were in the kitchen looking out the window and there was nothing to be seen as it was white and all you could hear was clanking and creaking and then thunder clapping simultaneously with the lightning. Quite spectacular in the audio aspect anyway. I bolted the windows closed and considered putting boards in front of them. I was able to see out the back windows better and there were sticks flying across the yard like spears. I got askeered and backed away from the windows. My kitty cat bolted up the stairs so fast his tail looked like a comet's.

Soon afterward when we began to be able to see outside the front again, our street was like a river with all sorts of neat stuff flowing downstream- mostly garbage can lids. My lawn was strewn with branches from trees. The golf course across the street was under water. I expected to see boats. Then we heard sirens and more sirens and more sirens. Too hungry to find out what was going on, we ate dinner. My son makes killer homemade pizza. After din, I took a walk and starting from about 6 houses down from me, it appears that some sort of twister or cyclonic thingy touched down for an instant because for a few blocks there were uprooted trees galore and a few telephone poles were down. Pieces of houses were strewn about. No one was hurt. Some cars were bashed and some parts of houses too. Today was the cleanup. It was noisy. Chain saws and those machines that eat trees.

We were lucky. Weather much worse than this threatens communities all across the world every day. Should we all dig bomb shelters and storm shelters? Then what? Stay in them? Life is very risky. We should take precautions but we just can't live in fear. It would be very counterproductive.

Just some thoughts.

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