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Tuesday, June 26

Six Years of this crap already

It's kind of ironic that I have been sending off faxes and emails to congresscritters and senatecritters of the republican persuasion calling for them to put their country before their party for a change and grow a set- get rid of Cheney. Now.

I was just now reading a story in WP about how the Republicans would get rid of Cheney. Of course, they wouldn't dare impeach one of their own, if they hinted strongly that he should step down, he'd just tell them to go fuck themselves so it's suggested that when Cheney goes in to get the batteries replaced on that organ that pumps blood, a replacement for him should be found. Then it can just be said that the doctor ordered him not to go back to work. A good save? Not really.

No matter what happens, the republican legislators have done a great disservice to the country by wringing their hands in back rooms and not joining up with the democrats in order to oust this monster. While they are fearing that Cheney's presence will ruin their chances for re-election, their counting on him retiring after a heart procedure doesn't quite cut it- the man needs to be charged with crimes and not simply allowed to go back to hunting birds in cages and shooting old men in the face.

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