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Saturday, June 30

Saturday Sex Post

Well, two-thirds of it is Teh Sex.

We'll start with this little video from the Sydney Morning Herald, where Brooke Hemphill explores what is healthy and what's not in fetishes and bondage. Neat stuff, and not something you'll find on a stuffy old Yankee news site.

Moving on, this bit from Pakistan provides enough material for at least three Jerry Springer episodes. Seems this woman decided to become a man, did the hormones and such, and married her cousin. The high court in Lahore sentenced them to three years in prison and fined them 10,000 Pakistani rupees (about $165).

The Supreme Court in that country has ordered them released on bail (of 50,000 rupees each) pending an appeal.

Pakistan, it seems, has an attitude towards same-sex marriage that would gladden any wingnut's cinder-black little heart.


And finally, to cheer people up: Odd video clip

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