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Friday, June 29

Lampoon Vacation

When I first read the story in the boston globe, it was reported that while taking his family on vacation from Boston to Ontario, Mitt Romney strapped the family dog in a cage (with a windshield) to the roof of the car. When the dog's diarrhea dripped onto the windows of the car, his kids alerted their dad (with ewwwws) who simply stopped at the next service station, hosed off the dog and the car and continued on his way. This story was to exemplify how very efficient and goal oriented Romney is. It was called, "emotion-free crisis management" as if this is always a good thing. They lost me when I read that he strapped the dog cage to the roof of the car... with the dog in it. I wondered if he killed animals when he was a child... for kicks.

In all my years of traveling the interstates, I have never seen a live animal, let alone the family pet, strapped to the outside of a vehicle. Maybe some Americans may find that macho and an example of good leadership without a bunch of gooey human emotions. I find it uncomfortable.

Turns out that it is illegal in the state of Massachusetts to do such a thing- even to travel with an animal in the open bed of a pickup truck is against the law. The animal rights activists are all over this story.

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