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Tuesday, June 19

Justice In The Bush Administration

I am abysmally behind on my periodical reading. Tonight I picked up the March issue of Vanity Fair to try and catch up. I began with this article, a fairly lengthy one but well worth the time.

Early in the article there is a quote by one of the JAG lawyers that is stunning in its simplicity and it pretty much sums up the whole situation with our country right now. "Justice is based on a simple idea: it can happen to you." Perhaps we could get that tattooed on the foreheads of the American public. It might get their attention. Or plaster it across their television screens. That statement reminded me immediately of the Nazis and the way their campaign of terror started. As someone pointed out in the comments recently we are the frogs being slowly brought to a boil.

A simple informational campaign could be started with the slogan 'It Can Happen To You'. Any takers?

I am not ignoring the ethics of the Guantanamo detentions or torture. The article takes those on and does an excellent job.

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