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Friday, June 22

Just one more rant on legalizing gay marriage...

Every time I talk about religion or morality with someone, the issue of gay marriage comes up. WTF?

I spent my formative years in religious schools and not once were we taught that homosexuals were a blight on society. My teachers were priests, nuns and brothers which might explain that. We were taught to be kind to one another and to oppose war unless of course we were in defense mode.

I just can't get worked up about the issue of "homosexuals ruining the sanctity of marriage." They don't ruin the sanctity of marriage if they marry each other. The only way a homosexual would destroy my marriage is if I married a closeted gay man who neglected to inform me that he had a hankering for sexual trysts with other men and I found out and it broke my heart. So I don't see how banning gay marriage would hurt me as a straight person who is married to a straight man.

If I am a straight person married to someone who is gay and gay marriage was suddenly made legal, then that could be a threat to my marriage should my spouse decide to leave me and marry someone else of the same sex. But my gay spouse could also just leave me to live with another gay person even if they don't get married. Hell, I could be a straight person married to another straight person and my spouse could hook up with another straight babe on the side and destroy our marriage. So where does it end? What is the point of this discussion anyway?

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